CFSSL vs Cloudflare Pages

Took the liberty to use :logo:'s own CFSSL to scan, and well…


Can you expand on what you’re trying to show or illustrate here? It’s not very clear currently. Are there specific issues you’re pointing at?


CFSSL is a nice Cloudflare (CF!) tool to automatically scan a number of relevant SSL(!) properties.

Out of curiosity I used it to scan What came up was largely clean, except for the one issue posted above.

TLS sessions resumption is a mechanism to speed up initial page loads for recurring visitors, which is a very handy thing to have.

I simply pointed out that for TLS sessions resumption does not seem to work reliably.

I have no idea if CF even still implements this or if the tool works anymore. This seems to happen for any Cloudflare property. I checked,, and, they all apparently do not support session resumption.

Does not seem related to Pages just general CF/SSL thing.

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