CF's web service user data limitation

According too below stackoverflow article, CF has a limitation in the returning data of its web service.

The first one is not a limitation (I think…).
Can you include an ipv6 field too right below the ip one? That would be useful, even it s blank.

Right now, I m using WARP and many sites can return my ipv6 address too. Some of them return my CF ipv4 and CF ipv6, some return real ipv4 and CF ipv6. returns only my real ipv4.

Ipv6 would be appreciated too.

Check with and

That is not possible. A client will connect to a web server using either IPv6 or IPv4, but an individual HTTP request will use one version. So there is either an IPv6 address or an IPv4 address, but not both at the same time.

You would have to set up your own Cloudflare domain and disable IPv6 on it to get an IPv4 only domain, but you cannot have an IPv6 only domain.

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ok, clear. how do those guys (e.g., get both CF IPs or real IPv4 and CF IPV6? is a special tool/service required to get both?

They do this:

They host two subdomains, one for IPv4 and IPv6 (e.g.,

When you visit, it actually performs queries to both IPv4 and IPv6 version of subdomains to see whether the subdomains can return result back to the browser.

Imagine your ISP is running dual-stack network (IPv4 and IPv6 together), your browser will be able to contact both subdomains without issues, and return both versions of your IP addresses to you. However, if your ISP only supports IPv4, then the query to will fail.

Sorry for jumping to another topic… But geographically I live in a city on the half way between two capitals where there are 1-1 CF colo. 70% of the connections from my WARP client to the colo happens to my country’s one, but 30% of them lands in the neighbor country’s CF colo. My ISP is not willing to provide/share any BGP and routing information with me. The internet speed is slightly better when my client is connected to the neighbor country’s CF colo.
Is there any initiative/plan to introduce unicast routing option for WARP+ subscribers, so I can select which colo I want to connect?

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