Cfmrk_eucookiebanner and cfmrk_userLangRedirect cookies

Cloudflare has created two cookies called:

  • cfmrk_eucookiebanner
  • cfmrk_userLangRedirect

I can’t find any infomation about these two cookies and they are not even listed under Cloudflare’s GDPR cookie web page!

Please can someone from Cloudflare tell me what these two cookies do and what are their purpose?

I need to know so I can update our GDPR cookie web page.

Hi @vnuk,

How have you confirmed they come from Cloudflare?

Could this have been caused by a Cloudflare app?

I don’t have any Cloudflare apps running, it’s definitely coming direct from Cloudflare.

You can open dev-tools on this forum and see those two cookies.

I am on a mobile browser at the moment so can’t directly check the cookies. I have looked on an online cookie checker and see them on, but don’t see them on other sites running on Cloudflare. So you are seeing these cookies set on your website? Can you share the domain?

They both say under the domain tab in the cookie section. I have sent an email to Cloudflare’s Data Protection Officer requesting infomation. Fingers crossed they reply. Otherwise I will have to take GDPR action against Cloudflare to force them to share the info about these cookies.

I really don’t think that will be necessary! Can you share the domain name and I will take a look soon when back on a PC - I don’t seem to get these cookies on my domain.

Also, can you try opening your site in an incognito window and checking if the cookies are still set?

This is our webaite:

Attached is a screenshot in incognito mode on chrome.

p.s. cookie comes up 75% of the time and seems to load after all the other cookies have loaded.

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Thanks. I will look further when on desktop. Are you loading any resources from on the site?

No assets are coming from and

Thanks for taking time to look into this matter.

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When I load in Incognito, I only receive the __cfduid. image

Maybe it was intermittent?

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On desktop now… Not seeing any cookies set by, will chech again later.

I see exactly the same as @judge :slight_smile:

Yah, it’s intermittent, when we were testing today. Not sure if that’s because Cloudflare is doing work on their side ?

I will check every now and then today to see if I can reproduce :slight_smile:

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