__cfduid Cookie Load Time

Everytime I perform a test on GtMetrix the cookie __cfduid is taking 30-50% of my site load time.

Is this a normal behavior?
Am I missing something or is there anything I can do to solve this?

A cookie does not take any time to load, as it is part of the response itself. It is the request that takes that much time and thats something you’d need to check on your server.

Thanks Sandro!
Can you point me in what things should I look?

Thats a common issue with Wordpress (well, its not precisely Wordpress’es fault but rather a combination of non-optimal configurations). I’d advise to search the forum here and others on how to optimise your configuration in order to speed up requests. That might be a combination of configuration tweaks, caching plugins, and disabling certain plugins.

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