CF ZeroTrust - Application rules 'Gateway & Warp' stopped working


my (selft-hosted) application in Cloudflare zero trust dashboard has a rules, which forces an users to be connected using warp client and authenticate themselves by google workspace before they can use an application. It worked till Oct 11 about 12:00 pm (CEST)

Screenshot of problematic rule is included.

Any advice ?

Thank you for any response :slight_smile:



Same issue here! Do you or anyone found a solution?


I’m having the same problem and it started at a similar time. I’ve even created a topic few days ago - Gateway device posture check not work - unfortunately haven’t received any advice yet.

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I created a new Cloudflare account and moved my domain to this fresh account. After migrating the dns records, i activated free zero trust plan und setup a tunnel (via docker) etc.

Still the require WARP/gateway posture check does not work. The endpoint ./cdn-cgi/trace shows that gateway and warp are off on the subdomains.

Seems like my domain is kind of “burned” and cannot be used for this feature anymore. Although other features like application access to self-hosted apps with IdP and access to private network through gateway with WARP-client still works.

Unfortunately support is not to be expected here, this is intended as a free plan user.


I have the same issue, I posted the details on @karol thread Gateway device posture check not work


hi guys, looks like CF finaly fixed this issue … so let just to know if it’s fixed for you too …

thank you …