CF Workers with Blogspot websites

I was wondering if we could use workers with hosted site like mine. I was searching for site speed option and found this Worker script
and its tutorial on this site

My question is that my site which is using CF can use this script to fast loading ?

Thanks for your response.

That’s really no different from adding a Page Rule to Cache Everything/Edge Cache TTL for your site. The script includes a cache bypass for WordPress cookies which don’t apply to Blogspot.

Thanks for the reply. Here are my page rule settings.

Are these settings Okay ?
Will it cache homepage as well ? if yes, then how to cache everything except homepage ?


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That will work if the url is (with the www. in front).

Create a new rule for * (no asterisk at the end) and move it to the #1 position. You’d only need Cache Level: None, and no Edge Cache TTL. You can add the Auto Minify as well, but that’s typically set in Speed → Optimizations anyhow.

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Thank you so much for response. Have a look of page rules as per your guidelines (hope i understood well)



It would seem that your DNS entry for ‘www’ is set to :grey: DNS Only, so those page rules won’t apply. You’d have to edit that DNS entry to click on the :grey: and switch it to :orange:.

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Done it. Rest of page settings okay ?


It looks like you have a cache control setting for your pages that’s blocking Cloudflare caching:
cache-control: private, max-age=0

Where this setting would be ? Is this in the CF or by blogspot ?


I’m pretty sure that’s coming from Blogspot.

So, its mean that I cant change it. Thank you so much for your help. Really grateful.

I just migrated my site to WordPress and added rules as per your previous guidance. Can you new check whether it is working or not ?

WordPress? Cool, but that’s a completely different situation. Your best bet is APO. It’s $5/month if you’re on a free plan, but free on paid plans.

Was there a reason you wanted by bypass cache for the front page? Does it still apply now that you’re using WordPress?

My main requirement is to cache images of sites to safe bandwidth. I will consider APO but right now, is there any setting/rule which can be done to cache images on CF ?
Should i remove added rules ?

I though that front page keeps updating, so it should avoid cache.


Cloudflare caches images, .js, and .css files by default. No special settings required.