CF Worker logs showing request twice for 1 call

Hi All,

We check logs on our worker log and it showing 2 request which is actually only 1 request that sent. Is this an expected behavior on cloudflare logs?


Adi Winata

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Are you passing the request to a Durable Object?

@albert There’s no request to Durable Object. So, the log supposed to be only 1 for 1 request?

Yes, there should be only one log entry per request. Could you check whether this also happens with Wrangler?

@albert There’s an issue when I try wrangler tail

panicked at ‘overflow when adding duration to instant’, library\std\src\

Seems there’s open GH ticket on the repo overflow when adding duration to instant on armv7 · Issue #343 · chronotope/chrono · GitHub

This is a serious issue for us - since deletions via API execute twice for some reason, with the second request going to 404. All requests route through a worker, and there doesn’t seem to be any code path/route in the worker that would lead to multiple fetch() or similar calls to the origin.

I have forwarded this to the team, will update when I get one. I was unable to reproduce but have forwarded this to be looked at


Kenton from Cloudflare resolved it - the issue was the Moesif app - sending requests twice to origin, so we uninstalled it for now. I let Derric from Moesif know about it too.