CF worker executed not closer to the client

Hi there

I have a part of the code in CF worker with the await fetch function.
When I execute it I expect it will be executed closer to the client, for example in the same country (based on it Smart Placement (beta) · Cloudflare Workers docs).
But when I check it I see that code was executed in GB each time. I thought maybe the issue was that I needed to upgrade my worker to the paid tier, but unfortunately, it is the same result:(

Hi @iohapkin,

Smart Placement works based on best performant metrics, and it may not be closer to the client:

Smart Placement is only active for Workers that make more than one roundtrip to back-end infrastructure. If your Worker does less than one subrequest on average, Smart Placement will run the Worker at the data center closest to the user.

Smart Placement is a best-effort attempt. Smart Placement will not take action unless it is more performant than the default (which is running the Worker at the data center closest to the user).

Please check the documentation in full to understand the feature set better.

Thank you.

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