CF web analytics snippet triggers my X-FRAME-OPTIONS set to "SAMEORIGIN"

Dear Madam/Dear Sir,

I set your analytics snippet on my domain 14 days ago. 2 visitors today according to it but via Google Analytics is not true.

I ran a speed test on Gtmetrix a few days ago and looked at the headers .

Via htaccess my cross origin resource sources is set to SAMEORIGIN
It triggers that.

I use JavaScript snippets like Yours in the head section of each page from Google AdSense, GA , Hotjar and other sites but they don’t trigger this policy.

I have to edit my htaccess in order to use your awesome and free tool
( BTW please accept my gratitude for the huge free tier of CF Workers, CF new free KV plan and free CF for teams via CF Access.
OPAQUE is an awesome conception. Thank You also for ODoH)

Header set X-Frame-Options SAMEORIGIN
Header append X-Frame-Options “ALLOW-FROM

Is this correct?
Could You advise me and guide me, please?

Thank You in advance!

Best regards :Jimmy