CF - WAF is blocking fake google bot or not

do anyone explain to me that’s really fake google bot or not ? page lose rank on google if Cloudflare WAF is blocking google bots…

Hi @mbt,

As described in the Rule message, it is blocking Fake Google Bots.

Cloudflare is keeping fake User Agents away from your site. There’s nothing to worry about.

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That rule message is increasing when live test on webmaster tools. I am so nervous what if CF is blocking google bots.

I have just made a Live Test (Search Console > URl Inspection > Live Test) and everything seems to be OK.

Could you please share more information and/or screenshots?

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unfortunately I can not share screenshots or more information because I disabled mode of 10035 and 100201…not thinking to make it default setting again to be sure that not blocking google bots.

No worries!

Just to clarify, I didn’t pay attention to the IP/ASN of the screenshot you initially shared. It is not compatible with Google bots/crawlers. I don’t know what tool was responsible for this request, but I’m sure it didn’t come from Webmasters Tools.

is that blocking google bot or not ? and who is AS544549 and AS60068 CDN77 ? anyone can help me about that ?

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