CF - WAF is blocking fake google bot or not

do anyone explain to me that’s really fake google bot or not ? page lose rank on google if Cloudflare WAF is blocking google bots…

Hi @mbt,

As described in the Rule message, it is blocking Fake Google Bots.

Cloudflare is keeping fake User Agents away from your site. There’s nothing to worry about.

That rule message is increasing when live test on webmaster tools. I am so nervous what if CF is blocking google bots.

I have just made a Live Test (Search Console > URl Inspection > Live Test) and everything seems to be OK.

Could you please share more information and/or screenshots?

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unfortunately I can not share screenshots or more information because I disabled mode of 10035 and 100201…not thinking to make it default setting again to be sure that not blocking google bots.

No worries!

Just to clarify, I didn’t pay attention to the IP/ASN of the screenshot you initially shared. It is not compatible with Google bots/crawlers. I don’t know what tool was responsible for this request, but I’m sure it didn’t come from Webmasters Tools.

is that blocking google bot or not ? and who is AS544549 and AS60068 CDN77 ? anyone can help me about that ?

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