CF # visitors 10x higher than Google Analytics

Hello, I recently start using CF because my website was losing traffic as I have been steadily increasing the volume of the contents (which are on a non-seasonal, no-trending, very focused niche topic). One of the things I found was that my website was slow. While I was trying to fix it, I realized that the # of unique visitors on CF analytics was 10 times higher than that of Google Analytics. I browsed through past topics and found the differences to be 3x, 4x or 5x, but not 10x. I also read this:

Is it possible that I am losing quite some visitors because my site has been slow? Just trying figure out the root cause of decreasing visitors…please let me know if you have any thoughts. Thank you in advance!

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Sounds legit. CF reports on all traffic - including spiders and bots. GA does not.
Also realize that GA is off by 10% or more because of folks blocking trackers and ads.


Thank you, which part is legit? The fact that GA traffic is 1/10 of CF? Or the assumption that my site is too slow that I am losing visitors?

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