CF using past DNS information for one particular CNAME


I am unable to get one particular CNAME to work correctly. I have two subdomains with exact configuration (to test) and only one works. The other one continues to point to the old CNAME value.

The ticket number is #2276499. It’s been about 3 days and this is an extremely urgent issue.

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Who did the old CNAME point to? They probably still retain control over that :orange: proxied hostname and you’d have to contact them to release it.

If the CNAME is set to :grey: DNS Only, does it work?

@sdayman I am not sure what you mean by “they probably still retain control over that proxied hostname”? It’s just one CNAME entry in a domain controlled by us.

Can you please elaborate?

The symptom you are describing can happen when you move a CNAME from certain SAAS providers who also use Cloudflare, such as Shopify. If they do not remove their config for the hostname it can cause the type of issue you are describing, where traffic still goes to the old Origin.

If this is the case, having the old SAAS provider remove the configuration is the fastest and easiest solution.

Failing that, open a case with Cloudflare, and post the ticket number here. Somebody can escalate the issue to be manually kicked.

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@michael Understood. Can you please escalated this ticket number #2276499. I will also speak to the provider to see if they can help.

@michael I was able to speak with the provider and get this fixed. Thank you so much. Was struggling with this for the last 4 days!

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