CF US to EU routing issues

For the past few days we’ve been experiencing serious issues with CDN traffic to our European datacenters. The issue comes and goes, but it pretty much renders all of our services hosted via CF useless.

Check out the response times below:

The same web apps accessed from ANY non-US location are perfectly fine. This issue affects:

  • multiple CF accounts
  • both free and paid subs
  • websites and Argo tunnels
  • both HTTP and HTTPS connections

US location seems to be the only factor here. Can someone advise please? We’ve got over a hundred domains in CF and it would be a tremendous pain to move it over to a different provider.

If you open a ticket (support AT cloudflare DOT com) and let them know which domain(s) to check, it should be pretty easy to check that Texas connection, as some of the Austin engineers are online right now.

Be sure to post the ticket # here.

Ticket #2273400

Just to clarify: the issue affects all of our US locations (FL, TX, NY to name a few).

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Update: now we’re getting timeouts/525/etc.

Sample RayID: 69981215a98167cc

Those websites work perfectly fine when accessed from outside US

Thank you. We are investigating in the ticket now.

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@Chris_M should I post updates here as well as in the ticket replies?

Please send updates in the ticket but if you think anything could help others here, please share!


For the record: the same websites accessed directly (i.e. not via CF) have no issues whatsoever - even from the US locations. See below:

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