CF tunnel - working with streaming traffic

How actually CF tunnel working with traffic - OS wide (like VPNs where it’s possible to create exceptions for certain apps via split tunnels), or are CF tunnels created for ssh/http traffic only for specific packages like Ansible?

If CF tunnels are OS wide, is it possible to configure exceptions for certain apps like VLC for streaming?

Such streaming app do not need reverse access since they already connect to the Internet on their own. I prefer to avoid slow down of streaming traffic due to encryption.

OpenVPN supports also non-encrypted TCP/UDP tunnels. It’s interesting maybe CF tunnel also can use some options in config file for non encrypted traffic?

Cloudflare tunnel allows inbound connections to an origin from Cloudflare’s edge, it has no impact on how applications and processes running locally on the machine act or route.

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Thanks for clarification! I.e. by other words all our streaming traffic will be encrypted and slow down due to encryption?

Test it and let us know.

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