Cf.threat_score - will requests blocked by a rule appear in CF log?

I set up a Firewall rule something like this:
cf.threat_score > 10 and cf.threat_score <= 50 then Challenge
cf.threat_score > 50 then Block

To test the rule I will will be using Log.

Could not find anything that would show me what this would look like in the Log if the rule is tripped.

Does anyone now what I should expect to see?


The visitor sees this:

I presume you mean the Cloudflare Firewall Events Log?

In which case, you should see:

Edit: Restored my post for reference, but possibly different, sorry @alan.bell, didn’t realise it was an Enterprise setup!

Enterprise account?

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Yes, Enterprise

Ahh, one of the rare Unicorns 'round here :smile:

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Peasants like us are not allowed to indulge in logging :smile: so I guess most wont exactly know what to expect, however I’d assume it should be similar to an actual entry when a request is e.g. block, such as posted by @domjh. Your account manager should be able to answer this in detail :man_shrugging:t2:


Also tagging @cs-cf!

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