Cf.threat_score and clientTrustScore


In the spec for the firewall cf.threat_score:

This field represents a risk score, 0 indicates low risk as determined by Cloudflare. Values above 10 may represent spammers or bots, and values above 40 point to bad actors on the Internet. It is rare to see values above 60, so tune your firewall rules to challenge those above 10, and to block those above 50.

On workers you have access to cf.clientTrustScore.

Is cf.clientTrustScore similar to cf.threat_score with inverted scale?


Sorry, I actually don’t know anything about this field. :confused:


+1 I started loggin it and I see very strange results…
the docs say “It is rare to see values above 60” I am seeing a lot of clients with score of 80-81

my average score of all visitors is between 30-40 too much to make any sense


Yandex: 5-6
Google: 9-12
General User: 18-85