CF thinks one of my servers is in Saudi Arabia instead of Germany

I use Uptime Kuma running on a VPS in Germany to run uptime checks against a server hosted in France, via a subdomain protected by Cloudflare.

Unfortunately, Cloudflare just recently started thinking that our German server is in Saudi Arabia.

Performing a WHOIS (via RIPE) on my end clearly shows the country is “DE”, so I’m not sure where it’s coming from.

Anyway, I’m getting ‘down’ alerts every few minutes from Uptime Kuma because Cloudflare is responding to its uptime checks with a 403.

Yes, I can create a firewall rule exception for this rule, but I’m more interested in understanding why CF is misinterpreting that IP address’s origins…

Take a look at

Thank you, I will check that out. FWIW, this started happening today (2022-11-21) at 13:16:11 (UTC)

I have submitted a correction request. Thank you!

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