CF Tech Support won't talk to me because of Email Address Discrepency

So. 2 years ago, when I went to go sign up for Cloudflare, I was PRETTY SURE that I had an account, but their ‘reset password’ procedure wasn’t working for me.

Personally, when someone logs into MY website with an unknown user, I think that it’s PERFECTLY natural and legit to say ‘I don’t recognize your email address’.

So 2 years ago, I had to use a FORMATTED version of my email address in order to sign up.

Clearly that is an approved operation with gmail. THIS was the only way I could get an account configured with Cloudflare.

Yesterday, when I’m having tech support issues, I called Cloudflare and those cheap bastards refused to give me billing support. The first thing they asked is: ‘Are you a Pro, ENterprise or Business account’?
I told them, I don’t f’in know. How about I give you my email address and you tell ME what level of account I have? That didn’t work for them.

So I was told to fix my BILLING issue, the only thing I could do is to email [email protected]
So WHEN I got double-billed, I emailed to [email protected]… and what to THEY do?

I had clearly in the footer of my email told Cloudflare that my email was firstpart(dot)secondpart(dot)thirdpart[email protected]

but then, after 3-4 hours of trying to get this issue figured out, they emailed me back and said
‘we can’t help you because we can’t find your user in our system’.

I’d like to point out that ANYONE that is smart enough to give technical support should know that PERIODS are PERFECTLY acceptable to insert into a gmail address, it is the same person.

So now, it’s been nearly 24 hours.
I got double-billed (I described that in a seperate ticket)

and Cloudflare tech support won’t talk to me because I can’t quote ‘Validate my email’.

HECK NO, I’m not ok with changing my email address, I can’t deteremine off the top of my head what that will break.

Phone support is only for Enterprise customers.

For obvious reasons, they wouldn’t really discuss (possibly someone else’s) account details and billing information with you over the phone. Sure, it might be your account - but if it isn’t then that’s private information.

I don’t disagree but there’s not really any room for “eh, good enough” when dictating if someone is eligible to be opening tickets for someone’s account. Maybe there’s something in an email provider that allowed you to create that email even though the other one exists, social engineering is one of the biggest culprits in account takeovers.

Plus, it’s not technical support - it’s a billing team.

Better safe than sorry, is the sentiment.

What’s the ticket number? I’ll escalate it to the billing team but I can’t guarantee it that they won’t run through verification steps.


Do you have a ticket number to share @aaron.sql.2019? If not yet, can you open it using the same account you are using here on this forum and then share the ticket number with us?


FWIW, you can send as the dot alias within Google Mail pretty easily.

That’s to say, your [email protected] email can send as [email protected] by just adding [email protected] as another Send From alias.

Just email from that & your email validation woes should be gone


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