CF Teams: RDP via Argo Tunnel Session Authentication Issue

I’m piloting the RDP via Argo Tunnel with our organization to improve RDP functionality. It’s been working fairly well thus far but ran into an issue recently and I’m not sure what to do.

While piloting the program, I’m using the One-Time Pin authentication method (which has worked fine). Recently, a user tried connecting via Windows RDC and when the browser window opened to prompt for the email to send the pin, they accidentally closed the browser.

Now, when they try running RDC, it’s stuck at “Configuring remote session”. No browser window opens and there is no error info. It’s like the session verification process is stuck because the browser was closed the first time. Is there some way to completely reset the session/authentication process to get the browser to open successfully?

I’m not sure if your hypothesis is the root cause, but in any case, you can head to and revoke the session for the user that’s facing that “lock out”. See for more info

It very well may not be. I just assumed because the browser opened fine the first time then stopped opening (even after first restarting cloudflared.exe and then the entire system).

That user is not listed under active sessions (which would make sense since they never even got to the point of authenticating – they closed the browser as soon as it opened).

Given that, what would you advise I try next?


Delete everything under %USERPROFILE%/.cloudflared/ folder.

If you need a batch script to delete them, run del /S /Q "%USERPROFILE%/.cloudflared/" command.

Thanks @erictung that did it.

I was also able to replicate the issue by doing the same thing: try to connect via remote desktop then close the browser window that opens without authenticating. The browser will not open again until the contents of the .cloudflared folder are emptied. Is this a bug or intended behavior?

Thanks for the help!

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This did not happen until the recent update a few weeks ago. Hmm, I would like to know too.

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