CF Stream: Isn't 1080 a little too low resolution?

I’m crafting courses that are screen recordings. They’re sharp when viewed locally as MP4, but after uploading to CF Stream, they a bit blurry.

I feel like it is either the 1080 max resolution or something in the encoding.

I’ve tested recordings at 1080, 1440, and 4K – with CF Stream encoding them at 1080. Same result. When viewing the video at full-screen, it’s blurry because my device is larger than 1080 – and so is the screen of many of my students.

I hope I’m wrong and there is just a simple fix.

Or is CF Stream releasing higher resolutions soon? Such as 1440 and 4K?


Thanks. Pretty much going with Vimeo instead, the quality difference for my students is too great. Even though it costs much more.