CF Stream: 1080x1920 video (9:16 aspect ratio) max streamed resolution is 608x1080

I understand that 1080p is the max resolution supported by Cloudflare Stream. However, it seems that the limit applies to the video’s height, irrespective of the video’s aspect ratio.

In our application, we need to support the portrait format, maxing out at 1080x1920, which is commonly used in social media and well adapted to mobile users.

I understand that 1080x1920 could be wasteful for users watching in landscape mode, e.g., on a desktop computer or laptop, but at the time, the current implemented solution ends up with 32% the number of pixels, and, about 34% of the bitrate (2.6 mbps in the original portrait format and 7.3 mbps if the video is rotated by 90 degrees before uploading).

The lower quality is definitely noticeable and I don’t think it is a justified constraint. In particular, one could imagine a workaround consisting of client-side preprocessing to add EXIF video rotation before upload and later instructing the video player to rotate the footage during playback. In our case, it’s difficult to do client-side preprocessing as we are expecting users to possibly upload media from a Web browser running on a mobile phone.

Just ran into this issue as well, and it’s a blocker for us to use Stream since we’ll be dealing mostly with mobile based vertical video. Any updates on this from anyone?

This is a big problem and a blocking impediment. Trying to choose a video transcoding service for my company to power the upload and display of mostly vertical video (as statistically is most of the internet, I would venture to say). We need to be able to make the clips available when the user is offline, and therefore a more rich choice of mp4 outputs would make a lot of sense.