CF still redirecting after removing redirects

Domain with issue:

At one point, this domain was pointing (CNAME and redirect’s) to ClickFunnels (where it currently points to) then I removed the redirect/CNAME, but CF has not released the redirect/CNAME.

The domain should be pointing to my Dreamhost IP, but somehow it is still redirecting to ClickFunnels.

I have removed all redirects and affected CNAMEs, but I can not get the domain to be served from Dreamhost.

What am I missing?

Keeping post here…

So, I originally removed the domain from Cloudflare but kept the NS pointed to Cloudflare. There was no change in behavior. Doing a dig on the domain name returned the correct Dreamhost IP as returned from Cloudflare namservers. How? I have no idea how. I then readded the domain, and Cloudflare picked up the domain records it already knew, as in nothing had changed. (All other previous settings were still there as well.)

I had a closer look at each DNS entry and saw I had two IPv6 entries for @ and www. So, to be extra neurotic, I removed the IPv4 and IPv6 @ and www entries and then readded them. Doing a dig on the domain to the Cloudflare nameservers now shows the proxy IPs.

Of course, I spoke entirely too soon. The problem still exists both when the IP is “clouded” and when it is not.

The purge cache doesn’t work either. It errors as says the zone id is invalid.

If this is correct, the problem is on your Dreamhost site.

You may still want to take a look at the following #tutorial. Liberate the Hostname is often the right tool for to fix an unwanted redirect of a domain that was previously used with a Cloudflare for SaaS partner like Shopify or ClickFunnels.

I thought the same, that the issue is on Dreamhost’s side. But, I only use Dreamhost for hosting. Namecheap is the current registrar for the domain.

I did see the “liberating” post from earlier searching. It didn’t make sense, but I tried it anyway. So far, the redirects are staying away, so marking as solution.

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