CF Status Code 404

Hi CF,

We are experience lately several clients of us with some broken images.

This is what is happening.

CF is answer with the next HTTP Headers:

Method: GET
Status Code: 404
Age: 1188
cache-control: max-age=691200
cf-cache-status: HIT
content-encoding: br
server: Cloudflare

Then our Origin answer the same request with HTTP Status Code 200 and not broken.

This is only happening to few customers not all, is quite random, when we try to check the error from our computers we can not see the sabe behaviour.

How can I debug different network access?

Why Cloudflare answer git an 404 and cf-cache-status: HIT ?

Hi, it looks like that response was cached. This explains why only some clients are experiencing issues, as they will be connecting to different data centers with separate caches.

Could you please share the URL?

Cache in which layer. I could send you the URL but it wont matter because probably you wont experience that issue.

We’ve tested in different networks same URL and we can not catch the error.

Seems like the browser has some cache and when connecting with CF it answer with an 404.