CF Speed concern

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recently i moved to another hosting provider and speed increased considerably. I also requested to use openlitespeed to further increase the site load speed and it did perform well. So the next move was to use CF to further improve speed since CF is a cdn.

To my surprise it resulted that CF performed 10-15% slower that the actual hosting provider. Without CF cdn i use to get 3.4 - 4.2 sec and now with CF cdn i get 4.2 - 6.5.

***The speed tests are done with gtmetrix

How is this possible?

A detailed look into your site’s code including all css and js used would be of help, as well as what functions you enable or not within CloudFlare’s Dash.

Hi intr0

…are all selected for minimization

  • Brotli is ON
  • Caching Level is - Standard

these are the main settings applied

Apologies for the delay, been busy, I’ll have a look and get back to you either tomorrow (less likely) or the next day (more likely). But just from what you’ve told me, I’m fairly sure I know the issues.

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