CF shut down my services a week ago due to a (meanwhile retracted) phishing report

Hey there folks!

I’m at a loss here, and was hoping someone here could perhaps point me in the right direction.

A week ago, a company made a phishing/scamming report that concerns one of my CF Pages. Their claims made little sense, but nonetheless, CF took this seriously, forwarded me the abuse report, and shut down all the services on my account. These include all my other Pages and Workers…

I don’t have to tell you how insanely deep this cuts.

I immediately responded to CF that the report was bogus, and asked them why all of my other services were pulled down, but I got no reply. I also contacted the reporter and their client, and only because I have a good connection with their client was I able to get them to retract their report and notify Cloudflare that they were in the wrong.

That was two days ago. My services have been down since last Friday. I have sent multiple emails to the Ticket that belongs to this case, yet I have had no response at all.

The fact that CF acts so swiftly when they receive a single report (which neither the reporter, nor CF put much time in to check, seemingly), yet don’t communicate at all anymore when I am trying to resolve this is a little mindboggling to me, to be honest.

I tried reaching out on X/Twitter to the CloudFlareHelp account, but no response there either. Is there anything else I could/should be doing? Is there anyone here that went through something similar?

Is this it? Should I move to a different service provider instead? My faith in CF is for sure shaken.

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Today we hit 7 days of no response from CF’s side, while all services remain offline.

I never had to deal with it before, but is their Customer Support really that bad? Or is it just in this particular instance? :thinking:

Trust and Safety issues take however long they take and are something in which the Community has no influence. Only Trust and Safety can assist and they will be in touch as soon as they are available.

If this incident was precipitated by the false claims of a user, you may want to have your attorney revise your user agreement to add accountability for such actions. Obviously the Community cannot assist there, either.

I appreciate your response.

I am aware no one here can assist, I was merely hoping to hear some learnings from others who experienced similar issues in the past, to hopefully:

  • get a better idea of what to expect
  • get a better idea of how to solve this

BTW, there was indeed a false claim, and that claim has been retraced this past Monday. But CF still has not taken any action: no response to the ticket and no reactivation of my services.

But I understand that this may not be the right platform to deal with this. I’m acting merely out of desperation at this stage. Thanks!

Can’t you create a new CF account and move the sites there?

Yesterday, I moved one site away, as that really started to become a huge issue.
I can move all my workers away as well, for sure. But that is quite tedious, but I am absolutely considering to go that route atm

Today, I got a two emails from CF like this (for Workers & R2):


We are sorry you no longer need Cloudflare Workers.

This is a confirmation that your subscription will be cancelled on February 16 .

Like… WTF? Nowhere on my profile/dashboard do I see any indication anything is wrong, which makes this all the more absurd :sweat_smile: Is there a big on/off switch hidden somewhere I should know about, or is that just visible for CF admins?

I can still create new R2 buckets however… Super weird.

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