CF says nameserver moved, but it didn't


My domain says it moved, all settings etc. work fine (as far as i know), is there a way to re-check nameservers?

It should recheck automatically in the background.

What nameservers does it say it moved to? And maybe it has changed and your device has the correct nameservers cached locally? You can check the global state from a tool like

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The nameservers are correctly, and they show fine on every NS lookup page, it isn’t my cache either, cleared it and used different browsers, seems to be a bug?

I also seem to have another issue with SSL regarding using proxy on my domain
I recently used liberate the hostname, due to shopify being not so nice with my DNS records,
however, my SSL seems to be broken now, when i turn on proxy on my A-Record, after a few minutes the site gives me a “ERR_SSL_VERSION_OR_CIPHER_MISMATCH

What nameservers does Cloudflare say they moved to? This should be visible on the dashboard and in the email notification you got when it realised they moved.

What domain/subdomain is causing this?

Have you looked through this information?

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I’ll try it now!

I got no E-Mail, however this is my dashboard (see image)

I don’t see anything unusual on there, except the analytics appear to be missing?
Normally if it thought the nameservers were wrong then it would tell you how to fix them on that page - what part of the dashboard is showing you that the nameservers are moved?

I can change my DNS records and they all work from CF too, so the NS are correctly working as they should.

Yeah, this indicates that your machine is using the correct nameservers and that nothing appears to be immediately visible as wrong.

What part of Cloudflare is telling you that your domain is moved?

Websites tab

According to a WHOIS lookup your nameservers are


Which I assume are the correct Cloudflare values. If so, then I’m not sure what happened there. If the website is working then it may be worth just waiting and seeing if Cloudflare eventually rechecks and corrects itself.

Cloudflare removes domains that are in the “Moved” state after 7 days, so if it does not correct itself in the next day or so then it would be worth opening a ticket to see if someone can look at it before that time passes. Everything looks fine from my point of view.

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Yeah, same here, thanks for the help! :slight_smile:

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