CF says domain transfer is locked, registrar says transfer in progress

After the eNom screwup I am transferring all my domains from Hover/eNom to CF (yes, DNS and registrar in one basket is risky, I’ll figure that out later).

There is one domain where I received an email from CF support stating the domain is locked at the current registrar. (other domains transferred without issue)
I verified that the domain is not locked on the Hover portal.
I contacted Hover support, they told me the domain is already in progress of being transferred.
I looked at whois for the domain and status is pending transfer.

I opened a support ticket with CF, but the ticket was auto closed because I do not have a paid plan, and the ticket told me to ask in the community first, wait 72 hours, then support may help. A bit weird to pay for a domain but not get support, but that is not the point of this request.

Any ideas as to what to do?

It is, as far as I’m away this should not be the case if you open a Registrar Support ticket in the dashboard. It might miscategorise the request and say that if you open the ticket by email.

Do you have a ticket number you can share so we can escalate this?

Sure, thanks for taking a look, #2361933.

I’ve added that ticket # to the escalation queue.


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