`cf.request` properties are undefined/missing

I want to use these properties from the documentation:


However they return undefined in the production environment. I would expect that value on the playground, but not during production – also because undefined is an undocumented return value.

Who knows what is happening?

I already checked the Cloudflare status and there doesn’t seem a related issue there.

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I will run a few test, but as I recall it is limited to your zone plan, business and above.

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I recall the same, but it’s weird that that information is not documented on that page anywhere

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There was a migration, maybe “lost in migration”.

Thanks for the quick replies!

Hmm, that could be, I’m on the Pro plan.

But if the limits are not documented anymore, it can also mean that they don’t apply anymore, right?

That’s a possibility, although the ‘new’ docs are launched more than 5 months ago (mid August) so that’s plenty of time to add an asterisk (*) to some properties. :slightly_smiling_face:

I hope the properties are accessible and that I made a mistake. I developed my Worker script (5 hours) based on the documented features so I didn’t have to test in production and mess things up.

I see that the Workers doc page was finally updated yesterday and now the continent, latitude, and longitude properties are listed under ‘Business & enterprise scripts’.

Thanks for the help @adaptive and @soldier_21. :slight_smile: