CF reported a change in NS

I’ve been using Cloudflare smoothly for around one month. Yesterday, some users reported that my site is unaccessible so I logged onto Cloudflare and saw “You’ve changed your NS setting.” However, I’ve done nothing.
Here’s the NS part form a fresh whois lookup:
Name Server: CHUCK.NS.Cloudflare.COM
Name Server: SANDY.NS.Cloudflare.COM
DNSSEC: unsigned

And nslookup
nslookup .com

** server can’t find .com.home: REFUSED

Cloudflare seems refused the lookup request

Please help! I’ve sent a support ticket and no reply for 24hrs straight and my site has been down for 24hrs+

Did you create a new account? I see an account with your email but it has different name servers specified. Have you tried using those name servers instead?

I’ve created a new account. I can add my domain in my new account however SSL certs can’t be issued (stuck at authorizing certificate). Can you check that?

And when connecting to the webpage an SSL error occurs so I’m running off my server directly right now

I’ve cancelled and re-ordered your :cert: so hopefully this will get resolved quickly.

Hi. Is it for my new account or for my previous one?

on the account associated with the email address you are posting from (I can see that but others can’t :slight_smile: )

I’ve changed my E-mail yesterday. Is it for the domain [removed by staff].com?

Yep, that’s the one.

Thanks. The certificate seems to be working now

:boom: :success:

Hi. I reenable CDN however when I tried connecting from Chrome I got this error:

Unsupported protocol
The client and server don’t support a common SSL protocol version or cipher suite.

Seems to be working fine now. Thank you very much for helping!

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