CF Registrar Status?

What’s the status of CF Registrar?
At I see: " You’re in Wave 5"

At I see: " Select domains to transfer

Once your domain transfers, your registration extends for one year from your current expiration date."

So can I already transfer domains?
If so, why does the first page not say so?

Yes, I believe Wave 5 users were notified earlier this week (and a tweet went out as well)

Wave 5 doesn’t happen all at once. It’s probably phased in as the week progresses.

OK, but then why does the first link still say I don’t have access?

So the bug is not redirecting to the actual page once you’re allowed to use CF registrar?

That link is to sign up. If you login, it will give you your status on the dashboard.

I’m signed in, otherwise it couldn’t tell what wave I’m in…

It won’t give you your Registrar status in that page. Log in and go to your CF dashboard and it is on there. On mine, it is on the page where you choose the domain to edit/view.