CF rate limit rules

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I’ve made a Rate Limit rule that its action is on “Log”

When made a test and reached the threshold the rule didn’t apply as expected. There are FW rules that were set, and they’ve logged my action.

Is it possible that if FW rules are applied (action was Log only), so rate limit rules will not apply for the same traffic detection?

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The request should work its way through the system unless that FW Rule you’re talking about is an Allow or Bypass.

The new Traffic Sequence feature has a similar outline:

Hey @sdayman , Thank you for your answer

The new Traffic sequence confuses me. Should it replace the old one? What are “URL rewrites”, and “IP access rules”? Where do I configure them?

As mentioned, the FW rules were on “Log”, and as I’ve read, other rues should be executed in this case.

Traffic sequence is just a reference diagram. URL Rewrites are under Rules, next to Page Rules. IP Access Rules are under Firewall → Rules.

@sdayman Thanks a lot! I’ll keep researching this matter

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