CF Raigun through 1and1


We have CF Railgun through 1and1. We are having 524 issues when using CFRailgun to send out mass invites. What does 1and1 need to do to get CF to increase our response to 500 seconds? I read the help article but does not advise how to extend response time. HELP


Our issue is with receiving 524 timeout messages. Can you, CF, extend our timeout sessions to at least 500 seconds? We cannot do this through 1and1 our provider.


Timeouts are capped at 100 seconds. The typical workaround is to move that process to a subdomain not going through the Cloudflare proxy server.


Thank you. Does that mean we cannot use Cloudflare Proxy Server for our entire site or can we actually move that process by itself to a subdomain that only here - that specific page - bypasses CF? Is it possible using 1and1 to do what you recommend?


It can’t be a specific page on, say, All of is proxied by Cloudflare. You would have to set up and set it to :grey: in Cloudflare DNS. This will bypass the Cloudflare proxy that’s capped at 100 seconds.


Thank you!


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