CF proxy routing to old stuff

Note: I had to switch all my dots to - since the UI says I can have URLs in my post, which is bizarre since all I have are domain names and this is a DNS service.

I have an entry www that is a cname to @ … domain dot com is an A record to an IP address owned by a hosting provider.

@ routes to our new marketing-website just fine with the proxy on (orange-cloud)
unfortunately “www” routes to our old website. all page rules are off, I’ve purged the cache. I even changed a word on the old site and it showed up, so its actually routing to the old site (not just cache). By old site … completely different IP than the current path has. (path being the cname & A record). Its been 72 hours I have purged the cache every 24 hours, and once a day I turn the proxy on and then the www routes to the old site NOT what the cname & A record are pointing at? I am on the free plan so there is not much I can configure (the 3x page rules are all off, always use https, and rewrite https is on, …). Free plan also means I don’t get support for tech issues. The old web site was hubspot, it was in the current records 72+ hours ago with a similar setup (3x A records at @, and then a www cname). BUT its been 72 hours and its not in the DNS zone at all right now … so why would it do this? so weird.

I can literally just turn the proxy on and off … and watch it route incorrectly with proxy on (not doing what the DNS says it should, but just for www, so bizarre.

I’ll be messing with it again tonight … I am all ears if anybody as some advice.

hmm, I believe that is an issue caused by a known bug in the forum software that is associated with a watched word feature. That looks at your post and adds links to #CommunityTip to assist. I’ve bumped up your forum permissions to side-step that issue.

ah, I think this will help, it looks like a common issue where a previous provider used Cloudflare for SaaS and did not correctly remove the custom hostname for your site. Follow the #tutorial to the liberate the hostname part.

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yeah that pretty much describes my problem to a tee … opening a ticket with hubspot to see if they are a CF-saas user and if so to have my domain removed. The FAQ at the bottom indicates that an “indicator” is coming for this type of thing … that would be FANTASTIC … let CF know.


I am solved, thank you for the free service and free support :wink:


Always happy to help and delighted the issue is resolved! Thank you for stopping by!

Hi :slight_smile:

I have the exact same problem.

When I i enable “proxied” for my subdomains, they are not working. Disable “proxied” makes my domains work again?

Whats the solution :slight_smile: ?

Thanks :slight_smile:

In reading this thread, did you try this?

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Thanks will look into this.

Odd thing is that it was working just fine , and then all of a sudden , it stopped working .


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