CF Proxy IP addresses are all the same in all regions?

We are finding out if Cloudflare is suitable for our CDN need while saving some money instead of only using CloudFront.
When we test the A records of newly created domain name (for testing) with several tools:

They all show 2 IP addreses for all regions.
Checking CloudFront domain name(s) returns different list of IP addresses for different regions.

Is this normal?
Or do we need one of the paid plan/feature to enable global acceleration?

We are also interest to learn more about Cloudflare’s performance in China.

Those two IP addresses auto-route to the nearest data center by using Anycast.

Here’s a little tidbit regarding China:

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If we want better control of the DNS (not pointing NS to Cloudflare since DNS missing some feature)
Should we be following this article?

You’re heading into Business Plan ($200/month) territory. It’s not something I’ve explored.