CF Pro subscription not reflecting

I have a billing issue ticket #3213260 with no response. Can someone please bump it up to the team? I understand you must be flooded with billing tickets at this point in time hence I marked it as p3 and not p1. But kindly do respond to it, kinda feel there is no support at CF. Issue is that I paid annual for CF Pro but the subscription has not been added. Site is still on CF Free.

Good day,

Thank you for providing the ticket number. We will take a look into the issue and resolve this as soon as possible

I am genuinely disheartened and disappointed with the response time of Cloudflare support when it is actually needed. No one has looked into the ticket for 5 days. I don’t even know if it has been assigned to anybody. The Cloudflare status page asks users to “amend your existing ticket via the Cloudflare Dashboard” - I tried doing this and it can’t be edited due to another technical issue I suppose.

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@ucyber sorry for the lack of reply, I have flagged your ticket and topic here for my colleagues and copied myself on the ticket. I see the sub has not yet come through and the billing team is investigating.

Kindly check on the ticket.

Any progress?

I have the same identical issue. Cloudflare PRO 1 year, 6 days no response

  • Ticket n. 3220509

11 days, no resolution :slight_smile: Some have been waiting over 30 days for resolution of billing issues. Only if I had reviewed the customer support experience of other members before paying for 1 year of purchase. I will definitely write it off to experience.

30 days?
Were they hacked for waiting so long for a billing management problem to be resolved?

Just look Billing tickets take to much in reply it seams support ignore it a business customer has opened a thread and has been waiting for resolution for a month. So you can forget about pro or free customers receiving any resolutions in a reasonable timeline. Basically its either waiting endlessly with no ETA or dispute charges at CC and move on to a different provider.

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I’ve recently removed this site from Fastly because it was too expensive…
I hope they refund me the money at this point

I am researching Fastly, Imperva to switch. How is their support compared to here?

I have flagged that ticket and the topic here for the Billing team.

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The technical support from Fastly is quite fast and precise; as for Imperva, I can’t say.

Since April 11th, we’ve been waiting for the PRO activation on one domain, already paid for a whole year! Unbelievable! Outrageous! I would like to be refunded.

We paid for just 1 month, and have no binding btw domain and Pro plan since 19 Apr. Have they resolved yours case?

no, i don’t

Ticket still open. No resolution. 6 April - till date still on Free plan.

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@cloonan @hkrishnan Can anyone from Cloudflare at least help getting an ETA from the team? Almost 24 days have gone by!