CF Polish not serving all images as webp

After turning it on, some of our images are being served as webp properly (they have the Content-Type: image/webp header) but other images are being served as .jpg.
These images I noticed that rather than webp, they show up as webp_bigger on the headers.

cf-polished: origSize=4797, status=webp_bigger
content-type: image/jpeg

Thanks in advance.

The status is somewhat the answer :wink: The converted file would simply be larger.

But the image is still being served as jpg (they have the jpg content-type and jpg extension). The only problem I have with this is that Google Insights keeps complaining about it. Other images that have been polished are being served as .webp properly.

It simply serves the original file, there is nothing to complain about :slight_smile:

It doesn’t look like it serves the original file, since the ones that do that have the "cf-polish: not-needed’ header.
I guess that the ones served as jpg but are polished must be images that it isn’t necessary to encode in webp format and they can be compressed without changing the extension. Thanks for the help.

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