CF Plus Rewriting Image File Names & Stripping Data

I recently upgraded to CF Plus and enabled the new features including Polish (lossy, webP) and Railgun.

However, a feature is now rewriting the images on my site. Dozens of images are appearing in my media library with the filenames changed to a super long numerical values and the Alt and Title tags are stripped.

For example, on this page, half the images retained the old file names and half have been re-written. Image of media library attached.

Which feature is doing this? How can I stop this?

I’d obviously like to retain the original file names, alt tags, titles, etc. for seo reasons - but I also frequently update images across multiple pages and it depends on the file name being exactly the same.


(edit: I am the owner and developer of this site. This is my first support request, and have searched for related topics prior to posting. My hosting provider cannot identify the issue - but it was timed exactly with CF upgrade)

That’s not being done by Cloudflare. Cloudflare is a transparent reverse proxy.

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