CF Pages - View remaining build credits

Hi, sorry if this is the wrong location for this post. I see a bunch of other topics for Cloudflare Pages but no way to post in them.

I am currently on the Free plan (500 builds/month) however there is no way to view the number of build credits I have remaining.

I like to push pretty frequently and wouldn’t like to be caught up by hitting the limit.

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Nobody else has replied (yet), but wouldn’t that be the number of Commits at Github?

It’s a good starting point - but (at the moment) I have two projects deploying to CF Pages. In addition, I am not pushing on every commit.
I also moved from another host to Pages so a number of commits pre-date the migration.

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Hmmm…well I don’t see anything in the Cloudflare dashboard, including Billable Usage/Subscriptions. I suppose you can ask over on Discord.

Sure, will give that a go. Will report back when I have an answer!

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So I’ve heard back from the (lovely) people on Discord - no way to view remaining credits just yet, but if I keep bugging them I’m sure they’ll add it :grin:

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