CF Pages very slow to build, and crashes with segfault

I am posting here, after asking on the discord channel.

I have a simple 1 page docusaurus web site with 8 languages. The build process ran properly 2 weeks ago , and I can rebuild previous versions of the page.

But today,when building the current version, build is much slower ~1 minute per language, slowing down at each language. It eventually crashes with a seg fault and error 139.

I have tried to remove some packages not required, and get back to previous setting, but it still will not build.

Page is

Sorry to hear about the issues.

Can you share a recent deployment ID, and full build log so someone on the team can take a look? The Pages deployment ID is a unique build identifier. It’s the UUID in the browser bar (for example, a URL would be where the deployment ID looks something like a398d794-7322-4c97-96d9-40b5140a8d9b).

Are you certain absolutely nothing changed from an old version that was building successfully and this one? Perhaps some dependency versions that weren’t pinned?

The forum does not seem to cooperate when I paste the log content.

Sorry I missed the end of the question. I think I have only 1 addtional package. I have tried removing all packages I added since the last successful build, until I cannot execute.