CF Pages Limits in "Preview" Deployment Environment

Hi, I have a question about Cloudflare Pages.
Free version.
The build limit is 500 per month per account.
My question is… if instead of sending to production, I send to preview, does it count within 500?
When I update a site, I load it for preview and give the link to the client to verify the change. For this reason, I want to know if preview uploads also count toward the 500 limit.
I found no answer in the CF Pages documentation.

Yes, all builds count.

Thank you!!

My doubt was that the documentation is not accurate. In this link it indicates that it has no limits.
CloudFlare Pages Limits

Preview deployments
You can have an unlimited number of preview deployments active on your project at a time.

It will be my wrong interpretation.
Thank you!

You can have unlimited previews but we still need to pay for the CI infrastructure so we need to have limits there. 500 builds a month is very generous, it is rare that projects hit it. You can always upgrade to Pro for more.

Thank you very much for your answers.

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