CF Pages excluding public/functions folder of a HUGO website

I have a tutorials website made with HUGO on CF Pages and the public folder of the site is hosted on GitHub. Since the general release of CF functions a couple of days ago (11/15/22) the section of my site named ‘functions’, vanished off e.g. It seems that CF Pages discards that section because of its name,

As I wouldn’t like to change the name of the section of my site I wonder if there’s any way to solve this issue.

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It looks like this behaviour was added to prevent any leaking of Pages Functions:

Unfortunately that appears to be a little too greedy in your case and an opt-out would probably make sense here. I would recommend you create an issue on the wrangler2 repo so this can be addressed.


How do I fix typedoc sites?

I opened this in the meantime – Support for custom output directory structure · Issue #2111 · TypeStrong/typedoc · GitHub