CF Pages client cache scheme?

Hi guys I am using CF Pages to host my Hexo blog and I found ALL resources (not only mine) loaded from cloudflare server have header “cache-control: public, max-age=0, must-revalidate” whereby everything needs to be downloaded again after a refresh. This seems to be a feature more than a bug. I don’t understand this scheme.

Hi @phyzait!
Found some conversation on this over in Discord.
You might want to join the conversation there.

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The invite is Cloudflare Developers

The answer though is: Proxy support (going through Cloudflare features) is not currently working. Due to this, no caching, modifying headers, optimisation and stuff can be done. You will be able to use your zone settings for this once it’s working (which should be soon)

Please refer to: Known issues · Cloudflare Pages docs

Thank you all and looking forward to updates!

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