CF Pages Beta Request

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Not an issue in itself, but more of a question. I submitted a request to try out cloudflare pages the day after it was announced. I am in the final stages of launching a saas and am currently evaluating platforms to host the frontend. So far, though there were quite a few things that didn’t thrill me about Netlify and Firebase, my choice was shared between the two. However, CF Pages seems to hit the perfecft balance of what I’m looking for and I’d love to try it out.

The issue is, I haven’t heard back since December 18th, which may or may not be abnormal. Just wanted to see if anyone had requested beta access to pages and if they’d had more success that I. I reached out to the chathead to ask the same question (not sure if it was manned by an actual human or a very sophisticated bot) and was assured someone would get in touch within days, still to no avail.

At this point, I’m mostly looking for a timeframe. I still have some work before I can be ready to launch, but being able to try the tool would be a godsend. I already use (and plan to use) other cloudflare services and am super satisfied so far.

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