CF Modifying Post Data from Being Saved Properly to the Database

Has anyone experienced an issue with Cloudflare modifying/removing post data, preventing it from being saved as an entry into the database?

For my Wordpress site, there is a feedback/report feature where users can submit messages, which are then stored as entries into a table in the database.

Everything works fine until I enable Cloudflare, which then seems to be preventing the post data/these messages from being entered into the database.

I would check the response that users are seeing when they make a request. It sounds like a Cloudflare rule could be blocking it.

If you mean at front-end for user, it’s just a generic error response message saying: “There was a problem. Please try again later.”

Cloudflare is all defaults of the free plan. The only firewall rule I have is to “Allow” for my website’s server IP.

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