CF location

My server is based in U.S
I am in Lagos, Nigeria.

CF has a server in Lagos but my website got connected to CF London, please can someone tell me why?

–courtesy of Monsieur @domjh


Does that means that I can’t do anything about the location of the CF chosen for my visitor?

The routing of your visitors is up to their ISPs.

am not sure you are right.

Am in Lagos, African.
Cloudflare linked my website from London.

My friend in India, Asia
Cloudflare linked my website from London

We are both using different isp from different country.

I stand to be corrected.

And two different ISPs cant route you out of your country?

Sorry wanted to confirm… how did you determine the server is in London?

On error 522

But did you read the posts by @sandro? They explain in detail how internet traffic is routed by ISP’s

I was just surprised that CF has many servers but both countries from different continents were connected to same location

Fully depends on your ISP and their routing

You can run some checks at

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Does CF has a paid service that guarantee nearest routing ?

Yes and no. Cloudflare will try to find the closest route from the path your ISP has chosen.

Not really, but higher plans might have netblocks with better routing. Aforementioned site might show where these routes go.

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