Cf listed as ip for nameserver but client doesn't know who set it up

We have a small wp site owned by a customer. We dont’ manage it but just agreed to put it on one of our A2 Hosting shared servers we use for small wp site. We’re closing that a2 hosting account and need to move the site to a different a2 account.

When I originally looked at the dns (via mxtoolbox) I did a “dns lookup”, saw the a2 server ip for A record and reported name servers were a2 hosting shared nameservers so I moved on. After site setup, I notified customer to change name servers from > to and they did it.

After a day of it not propagating, I went back to mxtoolbox and this time did a dns check query and to my dismay realized that the ips for the a2 nameservers are cloudflare.

I contacted customer to ask them to either provide cf credentials, update or remove it but they reported back that they did not set that up nor do they know who did. So I began researching how to get that info. I had cf system send email to the email on the account but no one received it in their office so that was a dead end. I wondered if i attempted to set it up on my account, would i receive an error that it’s already been set up and might give some indication as to the account but instead it let me set it up. Of course i did not complete the setup by changing nameservers at registrar.

So currently if you were to look at the dns settings, it has both old name servers and new ones, and all of the IPs are cloudflare. The original cf set up was never completed in terms of final nameserver change to cf so i’m not sure how it has “taken ownership” of the dns profile.

Here’s what I’m wondering. Should I complete the setup of the domain on my cf account, including changing the nameservers to cf and if i do, will that “overwrite” / take priority of the original cf setup? Or possibly create a new cf account w/one of their emails?

Or is there a path for me to get that domain removed from cf completely until after we finish the migration?

Your best bet is to handle this at the domain registrar. There you can set the authoritative name servers to whatever you want. I suggest you set up a new account for the client and use multi-user access.

Thanks for the reply. I’m confused as to how cf could be listed in the dns profile here because nameservers are set to non cloudflare and there is no evidence of cname setup in dns profile pointing to antything at cf. So i’m unsure how this is even being affected by cf. Can you help me understand that?

Second question. If I set this up via your suggested method of multi-user account, once i have customer change nameservers to cf and it’s completed, will that supersede any existing cf account with the domain?

Not without knowing the domain name.

Yes. Name servers determine Cloudflare behavior for that domain.

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