CF keep redirects my “A records” to my older service

I encountered an embarrassing problem. Once one my domains is proxied (orange cloud), Cloudflare redirects its visitors to the older IP address of my older service. However when the cloud is gray (unproxied), all the requests go to the correct IP address (the one that those records currently have). I thought it was some cache problem. I tried to clear the cache but it doesn’t work. So i kept cloud gray (unproxied) for more than 3 month in exchange for normal use. When I try again today, it will still take me to my older service. This is a little beyond my understanding, so come to ask for advice.

Did you previously use this domain with a SaaS provider like Shopify? If so, contact the SaaS provider and ask them to remove your domain from their Cloudflare account.

Can you share the domain?

Thank you for your hint.

After publishing this post, I did some research.I found that more than one person has a similar problem with me.

It turns out this is a gitbook problem. After the domain name of Cloudflare is resolved to GitBook, the DNS of CDN is controlled by GitBook, and the configuration priority on Cloudflare is lower than that on GitBook. Even after i delete the Workspace and delete the account, the domain name resolution records in the system will not be deleted.

The people on the gitbook side should see if there’s something wrong with their system.

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Thank you for writing and a feedback. Appreciate!

I am really sorry to hear tha :frowning:

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