CF is working fine , but I did have a sub I can not reach

Hello, so Cloudflare is working fine on the root domain I assigned it to, but I kinda forgot the DNS changes might impact a subdomain to that root domain. A test site I use like

So where do I change the DNS for the sub, since it is now pointing to the webhost default DNS… should I point that one as well to CF DNS?


You need to point that in Cloudflare DNS app. Here’s the doc:

The subdomain has a DNS record on the webhost.

Do I change that to cloudflare dns servers, as with the main domain,
do I setup a new DNS entry for the sub domain in the DNS section of my CF control panel…

The documentation do not specify that.

I trial and error,
added a dns entry on my CF account pointing to the staging subdomain… lets see if that works,
not an emergency

That seems to have worked.

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That’s because:

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