CF is registrar & NS change out of reach

Attempting to use Pages. Constant 403 error results.

Cannot change nameservers from

dolly & wesley

to ken & naomi.

What the heck?

A message to change from one set of cf nameservers to another usually means a domain was removed and re-added or it’s already active in another account. What is(are) the name of the website(s)? in question?

anyc dot app
enthllc dot xyz
davidmichaelharris dot com

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Thank you. It looks like each of those have different issues and one is using cloudflare registrar.
The registrar is, you should contact them and ask them to remove all DNSSEC records and change the name servers to the two assigned by cloudflare, &
The audit log, shows the site was deleted from your account 2023-11-21 and added back with different nameservers assigned. Contact your domain registrar and ask they remove Ken & Naomi and replace them with and
Is using & but is not active in the account you are using here. I see you’ve added it to your account but you cannot transfer cloudflare registrar domains from one account to another.

I am seeing a 526 error on that site

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Thank you loonan.

I will continue to work on these and others as I reconstruct the site ruined by Hostinger dot com

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