CF is Not Purging Cached URL that's Permanently Moved

Hi guys,

I’ve updated the URL of a Wordpress post that is an idiom called “burn the candle at both ends.”
There was a grammar mistake in the title and URL of the post, so when I updated the URL with the correct one.

Generally, when we update a URL, WordPress redirects you from the old URL to the new one.
But, CF is still caching and showing the old URL even after “Purging Everything.” I had individually purged the custom URL, but it’s not redirecting it to the new URL.

I don’t want to create a rule for this small thing, but I’m curious to know when CF will release it from the cache and follow the origin server redirection.

Here are both the URLs:
Old URL: burn the candle at both the ends meaning, origin, example sentence, definition, synonym
New URL: burn the candle at both ends meaning, origin, example sentence, definition, synonym

Note: I updated the post about 9 hours ago before creating this topic.

Many thanks in advance,

When I check both URLs you mentioned, this does not work, or at least I can access both of them and there is no redirection.

May I ask does it WordPress, or you are using the Yoast SEO plugin aside from it? :thinking:


Hi Fritex,
Sorry for bothering you.
No, I am not using the Yoast SEO plugin.
But I have found the culprit, lol, and it was “WP Fastest Cache.”
I think I didn’t purge its entire cache.

I’ve set the CF to Development Mode and found that WP was not redirecting the old URL, but after clearing the cache at the origin server, it was working fine.

Thank you so much for your time.
You may close this topic. Problem solved.



Kindly, thank you for feedback!

Yep, now when I try both URLs, or atleast the “old one” I got redirected as expected :wink:

I am happy to assist you :wink: